Fundraising with The Sweet Sisters Co.

Thank you for considering The Sweet Sisters Co. as your fundraising partner. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with your organization to achieve your fundraising goals! The information below is designed to provide you with a detailed overview of our fundraising program.

About Us

The Sweet Sisters Co. is a small, locally-owned business founded by two sisters in Sarnia, On. Our journey began in 2021, when we opened and offered a small selection of freeze-dried candy. Today, we're proud to offer over 20 different varieties of freeze-dried candies and fruits, along with a selection of curated gummy mixes. We take pride in our customization services, whether it's creating personalized labels or crafting custom gummy mixes for your school, groups, sports teams, nonprofit organization, etc!

Achieving your goals

We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with and support such incredible organizations in our community!

There is no cost or hidden fees to you! 30% of all sales using your code will be shared directly with your organization at the end of your campaign.

How it Works

1. Please fill out our fundraiser interest form by clicking on the button below!

2. We will contact you to discuss and confirm fundraiser details.

3. We will add a pick up location and date for when you would like customers to pick up their items. If needed, customers can enter the name of the child they are sponsoring under the "company name" in the billing details.

4. Throughout your fundraising campaign you will have access to all items on our website. All products are sold at our regular rates, and you will receive 30% of all sales that use your code! If we have discussed and created a custom candy mix featuring school/team colours, or a customized logo, it will be available on our website during your campaign. You may view current items below or by browsing our website

Do you use School Cash Online?

Together, we can select a list of items for you to add to the School Cash Online platform. When your campaign ends, send us your orders. We will create an invoice for you, and pack individual orders to ensure smooth distribution!

5. At the end of your campaign you will receive a spreadsheet overview of orders that includes:

  • Customer Names
  • Customer Phone Numbers
  • Customer order
  • Amount ($) fundraised per order
  • Name of the child they sponsored
  • Total amount your organization fundraised
  • Total amount each person/child fundraised
  • Should you need other information, just ask!


Set a date, time, and location for your customers to pick up their order and this information will be included at checkout!

We will deliver orders to your location before your distribution date, individually packed, organized, and ready to go, to ensure a smooth process for you and your customers. Your organization is responsible for distributing all orders to customers.

If someone lives out of town and can't pick up their order, they can utilize the shipping option at checkout and their order will be shipped to them. Standard shipping rates apply.


  • Fill out fundraiser request form (see above)
  • Wait for us to contact you to confirm and finalize details
  • Let the fundraising begin!

Have a question?

Please reach out to us by emailing or call/text Tyra at 519-330-4106